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5 Types of Business Documents Every Business Should Have

5 Types of Business Documents Every Business Should Have

No business can run smoothly without proper documentation. It is estimated that MSMEs lose 1000s of rupees in terms of clients and legal fees every month. Good documentation not only maintains records and history, complies with the regulations and governmental laws of the enterprise but also builds authority and trust with the clients.

Following best practices in documentation helps businesses to easily scale and grow, as the processes and the internal protocols become clearer and transparent. This transparency leads to proper management within the organization.

However, where would one find all the documents in one place, since founders and entrepreneurs have an extremely busy lifestyle. We at HindDoc have consolidated 400+ highly customizable premium ready-to-use business documents that are ready to edit and print.

1. Pitch Deck and Business Proposal

Every business should have a pitch deck ready to go because you never know when you might need it. Opportunities like sponsors, potential investors, and bank loans require a skillfully crafted business proposal or pitch deck that showcases the vision, finances, and management of a company.

A comprehensive pitch deck includes the following:

  1. Companys vision and mission statement
  2. Objective, products or services offered
  3. Market reasearch
  4. Competetor analysis
  5. Opportunity of growth (Audience and Demographics)
  6. Company timeline
  7. Core business functions
  8. Revenue model or financial plan
  9. Upper tanagement or teams
  10. Conclusions

Pitch deck or Business proposal is the very first document that is requested by a business therefore it is absolutely crucial to have it ready beforehand, since creating a pitch deck from scratch can take several days.

However, the HindDoc’s Collection of business templates includes several pitch-deck and business proposals for 47+ Niche and Industry that help you create the perfect proposal in a matter of hours.

2. Business Agreements

Agreements may be legally binding, thus covering a corporation in case of misuse of assets, fraud, or misdemeanor. Agreements are written contracts between the parties involved in a financial transaction, it includes:

1. Employment agreements

2. Contact agreements

3. Franchise undertaking agreements

4. Financial agreements

5. Non-disclosure agreements

6. Confidentiality agreements

An agreement has legal terms that clearly state the purpose, intent, term period, and the details about the parties involved in the contracts

Business agreements are semi-legal documents therefore not everyone possesses the skill set to write them, check out some business agreement templates to get you started.

3. Business Reports

Business reports are infographics and cover numerical data over pie charts, graphs, and visual cues that make them easy to read and understand.

It can contain things like

  1. Sales figures
  2. Business policies
  3. Hiring and staff reports
  4. Revenue growth chart, etc.

A business report is typically presented in a meeting on a slideshow or handed out to the individual participants to quickly get an overview of the company performance over a period of a specified time.

Unlike pitch deck and business plans, the Reports need to be constantly readjusted to the new data and new themes or criteria need to be introduced as per company objectives.

4. Invoice and Purchase Order

Invoice, Quotation, and purchase order documents issued by the company to the client/vendors, therefore it is essential to have a professional and minimalistic approach while establishing authenticity and brand.

It is vital to include the following information in these documents:

  1. Comany contact information
  2. Shipping Information
  3. GST and VAT calculation
  4. Discounts and offers
  5. Payment methods, bank details or UPI Codes

UPI is the new favorite payment method of every Indian entrepreneur because of its ease of payment, we have created a bundle of Invoice/Purchase Order templates that has not only bank details for payment but also scannable UPI quotes that can be replaced by your own and is ready to send.

5. Feedbacks and Surveys

Understanding the market and buyers’ perspective is vital to the initial stages of success for any service or product-based business. Therefore every business should have a collection of surveys or feedback forms to understand what your clients, vendors, or even employee think about the company. Some examples of these documents include

  1. Customer complaint form
  2. Product survey form
  3. Shipment and delivery form
  4. Customer satisfaction survey
  5. Employee workplace safety survey
  6. Employee job satisfaction survey
  7. Restraunt food survey

There can be multiple forms depending on the niche and domain of your industry therefore you need to have the customized forms handy when it is needed.

40+ Business forms for various situations are included as a part of the business bundle which you could check out here.


Organizations need to have the important documents in a central repository where they could access, modify and update sensitive data. Documentation is vital in the early stages of a company as it lays down the foundation for organization and internal processes, which boosts efficiency in the long run. Companies having a proper set of documentation protocols will be much more superior to their competitors who lack it.

To help entrepreneurs and founders in their journey we have assembled a list of highly customizable +400 business documents bundle that is ready to edit and print.

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